EnviroHorn™ Drain Filter

Manufactured by Green Rhino

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Additional Sales Information: To purchase EnviroHorn, please see the link to our domestic and international resellers below. If you have any questions about EnviroHorn or would like an onsite demonstration, please contact us directly.

Product Description

EnviroHorn™ prevents sediment from your site contaminating the drainage system. It hangs inside a roadside drain and captures sediment. Oil & sediment version also captures light hydrocarbon contamination. EnviroHorn™ is widely used by the UK's leading housebuilders and Balfour Beatty  listed EnviroHorn™ on the Considerate Constructors Best Practice Hub.

To find out how EnviroHorn performs better than alternative approaches to drain protection, visit:


If you would like a demonstration of how EnviroPad turns hazardous liquids into a non-hazardous solid, email sales@greenrhinoglobal.com or call 01206 299388.

Manufacturer Profile

Green Rhino

Environment / Pollution Control

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