EOV Corrosion Resistant Pump Range

Manufactured by Crest Pumps Ltd

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The new corrosion resistant EOV centrifugal pump range gives you up to 15% increase in performance whilst consuming up to 20% less power compares to the previous industry trusted ECC range. This huge improvement in efficiency means you will reduce your energy consumption costs and reduce your risk of unplanned downtime.

The EOV features an improved vane design that improve efficiencies by up to 35% so that not only flow rates and discharge pressures improved on each model.

Designed using numerical software and prove by extensive testing, the volute casing incorporates of number, depth and shape of vane for maximum efficiency. All components are machined from solid for added strength and consistency.

The open impeller design allows for some passage of solids, the improved hydraulic design ensures excellent performance in low NPSH applications as well as minimal mechanical vibrations ensuring a longer life between service intervals.

Every EOV pump is designed and manufactured by Crest in the UK which means we have the facility to tailor pumps to your exact requirements, whether this be a specific cartridge seal configuration or the pump built to match your specific dimension requirements. We can supply a pump that is exactly right for you.

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