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- Ideal for flowers or runner beans, sweet peas, etc
- Handmade in our Sussex based factory
- Made of Raw Steel Designed to Rust or Plastic Coated
- Sold individually or as a set of 3 (one of each size)
- Small - 3ft 5" | Medium - 4ft 6" | Large - 5ft 6"

Boost the size of your gardens flower coverage and the yield of your produce crops, with our practical and functional Growing Obelisk. The high quality metal garden obelisk is handmade in our Sussex based factory, and is supplied to you in a set of three. Each garden obelisk is an individual solid piece constructed out of sturdy and hardwearing raw steel. The classically styled garden accessory is designed to train and support flowering climbing plants and trailing vegetable plants like runner beans. Use the obelisks to add visual interest to ground level flowerbeds and borders.

The Growing Obelisk trio stands proud at 3ft 5", 4ft 6" and 5ft 6". Each obelisk features four internal support rings to provide growing assistance to plants throughout the various stages of their natural life cycle. The strong and robust legs can easily be pushed into the ground for anchorage. The metal garden obelisk has a slender, streamlined frame and an elegant and understated domed top, with decorative finial embellishment. The heavy-duty raw steel, material used in the construction of the growing obelisk, has a natural inclination to gracefully rust with age. The antiqued appearance of the rusted garden obelisk will give your modern informal or traditional formal garden a fashionably trendy designer look.

The versatile Growing Obelisk set can be used together in a group arrangement, or independently, for a variety of different types of plants. In a small garden, our handmade rusted garden obelisk adds height to maximize your plant growing space. Positioned in a larger garden, the metal garden obelisk set creates independent areas of focus or an attractive and defined centrepiece. As the plants grow, flourish and climb around the legs and support rings of the obelisk frame, the horizontal landscape of your garden will transform into a beautiful vertical display.

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