Hot water handwash unit for use on-board trains

Manufactured by Calomax Ltd

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Product Capacity: 100 per week

Minimum Order Quantity: 30

Additional Sales Information: Bespoke bottle-fed handwash unit for use on-board trains.

Product Description

A project begins with you, the customer, and a desire to improve the hot drink and food offering on-board your trains.

Project brief

Eurostar were using an earlier version of the hand-wash units on the E300 trains, so it was natural that they ask Siemens to contact us for the new project. The hand wash unit had to replace 2 differently sized water boxes that were being used at the time. We had to develop special mounting brackets to enable the units to be easily removed and interchangeable between the 2 different locations.

Solution provided

We developed, trialled and manufactured a bottle-filled unit, that maintained water at 40 degrees Celsius for catering staff to use in the food preparation area. This met not only the requirements of Siemens and Eurostar, but also the UK local authority that had highlighted the need for warm water hand-washing facilities.
Working to a tight deadline, we delivered on time and within budget.

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Calomax Ltd

Food & Beverage / Catering

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