HPXc Curtain Eyelet Machine

Manufactured by Hanolex

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Designed and built in the UK by Hanolex to insert our range of eyelets right up to 66mm hole size when fitted with the correct size of toolage. This is a valuable addition to any workroom.

Fits Hanolex Eyelets up to 66mm hole diameter, eyelets upto 40mm hole diameter can be fitted using our unique combination dies that unify the cutting and attaching process and dramatically speeds up the whole fitting process. Eyelets over 40mm are inserted using our separate cutters and closers.

Another really useful feature is the adjustable back stop and eyelet distance regulator to accurately position the material for each eyelet setting.

The machine can be fitted to any appropriate rigid work surface that you may already have, alternatively we can supply you with its own stable and sturdy bench specifically designed for the HPXc Curtain Eyelet Machine.

Please note that all our equipment is designed and manufactured for use with our own range of eyelets and Hanolex cannot guarantee that eyelets supplied from other sources will be compatible.

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