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Manufactured by IoT Solutions Group Ltd

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Delivering peace of mind for carers and families of vulnerable, independent people (VIPs) through activity monitoring and alerts to changes in daily patterns.

Our discreet monitoring device is simply placed on a kitchen shelf to automatically relay insights and trigger alerts.

Key features

  • Low-cost solution to maximise the use of limited resource

  • No user interaction needed; residents often forget the device is there

  • No internet or Wi-Fi needed for use almost anywhere in the UK

  • No cameras or microphones to protect users' privacy

  • Custom alerts by email or SMS to the right person for a quick response

  • Quick and easy contactless installation to save carers time

  • Replacement devices automatically shipped when the battery level is low

  • Complete package solution removes the need to deal with multiple vendors

  • Continual monitoring can provide previously unseen data insights to support care provision

We are enabling care providers and social workers clients to...

Prioritise limited care resources
With customised alerts and a tailored dashboard; care providers can prioritise those most in need of a phone call or visit. With care budgets reduced and a shortage of care staff, resource efficiency is more important than ever.

Detect falls or potential illnesses remotely, without relying on a pendant or pullcord
Receive customised alerts when a residents activity levels deviate from their usual patterns. Early intervention for falls and illnesses can reduce hospital stays/durations and aid in quicker recovery, helping to relieve pressure on an overloaded NHS.

Identify those at risk of fuel poverty
Built-in temperature sensing with alerts for temperature extremes can identify those who might be reducing their heating usage. With fuel costs rising, residents might consider switching their heating off to save money, putting themselves at risk.

Confirm potential cases of damp and mould
With continual humidity monitoring, periods of high humidity, which could cause mould and damp, can trigger alerts. As well as making heating less efficient, high humidity can lead to respiratory and other illnesses.

Be reassured that a vulnerable independent person is up and about each day
With activity patterns continually monitored, carers or family members can check that a vulnerable person is following their usual daily routine. This reassurance helps vulnerable people live a more independent life and provides carers or family members with peace of mind.

Support a vulnerable person to live independently
This solution steps away from the traditional 'pendant' model - many vulnerable people who fall do not use their pendant or have one within reach. Knowing that a carer or family member will be at hand in an emergency, without having a pendant or video/speech recording, increases that feeling of independence.

Provide cost-effective in-home monitoring
With no step-up fees, product purchase costs or connectivity/data charges, this solution is provided for a single low-cost monthly fee. In addition, a new device is automatically shipped when the battery is running low, all for less than the cost of a high street coffee per week.

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IoT Solutions Group Ltd


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