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JetLyte® - One tool for surface preparation AND coating removal for re-working!

Our newest machine, JetLyte®, is a handheld tool that harnesses the power of electrochemical finishing for surface preparation AND coating removal for re-working. It offers distinct advantages over traditional surface preparation methods.

TextureJet’s innovative technology revolutionises surface processing by eliminating the need for masking completely and removing the associated non value-added process steps. This leads to a reduction in total processing times of up to 68%.

Eliminating masking gives you:

- Uncompromised Precision: With no masking, precision is paramount, ensuring your designs are flawlessly realized with a direct write technology.

- Streamlined Efficiency: Removing time-consuming masking steps optimises workflows for swift production. Masking often takes 10x longer than the actual surface processing step.

- Cost and Resource Savings: Reduced material usage and streamlined processes lead to cost-effective manufacturing.

- Sustainability: Fewer materials, coupled with environmentally friendly practices, minimise ecological impact. 

Key Benefits:

Selective process - no masking

Remove conductive coatings without affecting the component surface

Remove burrs

Polish as well as surface prepare

Lower energy consumption

Non-toxic pH neutral consumables

Simple user interface

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