Labcold Dual Compressor Blood Bank RDBB2320MD

Manufactured by Labcold Ltd

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Dual compressor blood bank refrigerator manufactured by Labcold in our Basingstoke factory this Blood Bank refrigerator is a certied Medical Device in accordance with Directive 93/42/EEC and is compliant with BS4376:Part 1:1991.

Fitted with  two refrigeration systems to ensure greater temperature control and peace of mind in the event of failure of one of the systems. Each complete refrigeration system provides 100% performance, su cient to cool down and maintain temperatures correctly without help from the second. An asymmetric change over ensures even distribution of workload, resulting in even wear of the compressors and also allows for one to defrost while the other is still running. The two independent systems provide back up should an issue develop plus there is no need to move contents immediately if a problem is identi ed.

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Labcold Ltd

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