Longthorne Sporter trigger plate o/u model 3001

Manufactured by Longthorne (Gunmakers) Ltd

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Minimum Order Quantity: 1

Additional Sales Information: Available from Longthorne or selected dealers

Product Description

For up to date details please request latest specification from Longthorne

Available in black or silver
Supplied in ABS leather trimmed case

Cost options:
Barrels 30” lightweight game barrels  
Stock Walnut can be upgraded and/or custom gun fit
Recoil pads Specific recoil pads 
Multi-chokes Additional chokes available  

All of our current models feature:100% English made in our factory in Northampton
• Patented barrel technology manufactured from one piece of steel with no soldered joints
• Proofed for steel
• Low recoil and reduced muzzle flip
• Ultra low profile action

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Longthorne (Gunmakers) Ltd

Sports & Leisure / Sports & Leisure

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