Lull Suspended Acoustic Screens

Manufactured by AllSfär

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Additional Sales Information: Lull Suspended Acoustic Screens are available in 26 nature-inspired colours and a variety of designs including biophilic, organic and geometric designs as well as bespoke designs. Free samples available from

Product Description

Lull Suspended Acoustic Screens allow designers and architects to define different zones within open-plan spaces allowing people choice and flexibility over where they work, depending on the task and their personality style. The screens can be hung easily to ceilings or to a sliding track and act as floating, movable walls creating small private areas ideal for focussed work and small team collaboration. They are made from 60% recycled PET felt and come in a range of 26 nature-inspired colours to match or compliment any interior colour scheme.  Designs include biophilic options includeing leaf, berry and vines as well as animal designs and geometric designs such as searchlight, triblade and drizzle. 

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