Metro RSRB Traffic Bollard

Manufactured by Traffic Management Products Ltd

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Additional Sales Information: A non-illuminated and passively safe bollard that’s designed and tested to be fully compliant for use on the UK highway. Use our online Bollard Builder to configure your perfect bollard.

Product Description

The Metro Traffic Bollard features a rounded top without compromising performance. Its design makes it perfect for placement in urban or rural settings, on roads or highways.

TMP’s Metro bollard is easy to install and requires no electrical illumination. Advanced retro-reflective panels harness light from vehicle headlights to illuminate the sign face and body without electricity or harmful emissions, making it environmentally safe.

The Metro traffic bollard is passively safe for road users. Its unique base and durable polypropylene construction ensure it yields to impact and rebounds to an upright position. This self-righting bollard minimises collision consequences for drivers, reducing repair and maintenance costs for authorities.

The Metro is a durable, low-maintenance, energy-efficient solution with a reduced carbon footprint. Built to last, it’s easy to clean and requires zero maintenance.

  • BS 8442:2015 compliant
    12 Year 3M backed delamination warranty
    All reflective material meets BS 8408:2005
    Conforms to BS EN 12767:2007 – 100:NE:4
    Easy to install and maintain
    Available in black or white

Manufacturer Profile

Traffic Management Products Ltd

Engineering / Plastics

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