Muckyz® Textured Wipes

Manufactured by Fentex Ltd.

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Additional Sales Information: Fentex provides the market with optimum value spill control products and services through a network of independent distributors. By supplying products through distributors we are able to offer the best all-round customer service.

Product Description

Mucky® Textured Hand, Machinery and Tool Wipes feature a mildly abrasive, extra large dura-fibre material allowing for more
wipes per tub.  

Experience the power of Mucky® as it effortlessly eliminates tough substances like Silicone, Paint, Sealant, Adhesive, Bitumen, Oil, Grease, Expanding Foam, Dirt, and a wide range of other contaminants.

• Heavy-duty, dura-fibre textured material
• Antibacterial, skin safe formula
• Designed for tough stains
• Contains natural Aloe Vera oils to help keep hands soft and moisturised
• Cosmetic Directive compliant
• Cruelty free - not tested on animals
• Recyclable tub and lid

Manufacturer Profile

Fentex Ltd.

Environment / Safety Equipment

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