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The SCS polyurethane plank system is the most common system supplied by SCS due to its robust uncomplicated design, simple maintenance and reliability. The only tools required to maintain the plank system are a hammer and crowbar and due to the horizontal blow required to install the fixings it can be more easily worked on, on confined lower decks.

The plank system does not rely on any complicated profiles or require any specialised steel support structure, it is simply clamped in place on a flat deck frame using wedges.

The plank system modules are a rectangular, typically 315mm long and the width varies dependent on the width of the screen. In most cases this style of system fits in pairs across the deck and sit on a side angle and centre channel or angle (single sections are used on smaller screens and triple sections are required on large screens).

The plank system modules are composed of a welded steel frame construction, which the polyurethane is then moulded around with a typical overall module thickness of 30mm.

The thickness of the screening area is determined by the aperture size. SCS has an extensive mould library which covers apertures from 0.3mm up to 125mm. Aperture shape can be square (most common) circular or rectangular (transverse or longitudinal) the different aperture shape is selected to give the best results for the application

For specific applications SCS has different mould designs, dependent on the requirements of the customer:

  • HE – High Efficiency, maximise throughout (greater open area)
  • STD – Standard, good compromise of wear and efficiency 
  • HW – High Wear, increased module life and reduce cost (lower open area)

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