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Manufactured by ST Machinery Sales Ltd

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Introducing the ST Conveyors Twin Roller Sprue Separator with Easy Adjustable Rollers, designed to boost productivity and streamline operations for businesses. This innovative sprue separator offers adjustable rollers up to 50mm wide, making it versatile for handling various molded parts. With easy height adjustment, it ensures precise performance and optimal efficiency. Built with durability in mind, this sprue separator is a reliable investment for businesses looking to enhance their production processes. Upgrade your operations today and experience the time-saving benefits of the ST Conveyors Twin Roller Sprue Separator.

Here are some key features of the ST Conveyors Twin Roller Sprue Separator with Easy Adjustable Rollers:

  • Adjustable rollers up to 50mm wide, accommodating a wide range of sprue size
  • Easy height adjustment for precise performance with different component sizes
  • Durable construction built to withstand heavy usage
  • Streamlined design for seamless integration into existing workflows
  • Time-saving and efficient, reducing manual labor and increasing productivity
  • Versatile tool for businesses in the manufacturing industry
  • Reliable and consistent performance for consistent results
  • Easy to use and user-friendly controls for quick setup and operation
  • Cost-effective investment for long-term productivity gains






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ST Machinery Sales Ltd

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