Samplex Inline Grain Sample Transfer System

Manufactured by TekPro Limited

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Additional Sales Information: The Samplex Inline Sampling range is available to purchase either directly from Tekpro, or where they have local representation through their network of agents.

Product Description

  • Made in Britain by TEKPRO
  • Transfers samples long distances
  • Collects sample in clear reception chamber
  • Fully programmable
  • Product is transferred by Airflow
  • 1PH 220V/240V AC or 3PH+N 400V AC versions only

The Samplex Inline Transfer System is ideal for when the testing laboratory is far away from the sample point. It can be used with an In-line Sampler to transport a vast range of products over long distances.

The product is drawn through a hose or stainless steel pipe using air flow motors and collected in a reception chamber with a clear viewing tube. When used with an IL50 or IL55, the system is fully programmable allowing transfer time, number of samples, the time between samples, and time between sample operations to be customised.

A similar system can also be used to transfer samples taken using the Samplex range of truck probes when the lab is a long distance from the machine.

Manufacturer Profile

TekPro Limited

Engineering / Machinery

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