Screw Jacks

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Product Capacity: 1 off special designs to large volume orders of thousands of units

Minimum Order Quantity: None

Additional Sales Information: Designed and manufactured in Britain. Available in standard or engineered designs. Exported to over 80 countries world-wide. Network of worldwide authorised distributors available on website

Product Description

Capacity ranges from 5kN to 2,000kN as standard; as customised design it can be up to 3,500kN. For low duty applications a machine screw jack is generally suitable. For higher duties ball screw jacks or roller screw jacks are available - the roller screw jack is suited to very high loads. Screw Jack construction is available in standard materials or corrosion resistant eg complete stainless steel jacks. Power Jacks screw jack designs are fully customisable by our engineering team to meet your exact application requirements.

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Power Jacks

Engineering / Machinery

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