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Additional Sales Information: Carbon Fibre Tubes design and manufacture telescopic tubing and modular tubes. Whilst some tele-sets may be available from standard range tubing, the majority are custom designed and manufactured.

Product Description

One of the most established areas of our business is the design and manufacture of telescopic carbon fibre tubes.

For applications that require working at a distance, minimising component weight is essential to improve manoeuvrability and ease of operation.  At up to a 5th of the weight of steel, and many times stronger, composites are therefore ideally suited to this purpose.  Some example applications include:

  • High-level water fed cleaning poles
  • Anntenas
  • Microphone booms
  • Camera tripods
  • Refuelling booms
  • High-level access poles

Our manufacturing capabilities mean we can offer our customers:

  • Range of tube sizes from 4mm-500mm
  • Lengths of up to 5m (collapsed) and 25m (extended)
  • Tubes with anti-rotational features
  • A variety of materials

If you'd like to know more and see how some of our telescopic sets are used by our customers, take a a look here

Please contact us if you'd like to discuss your project with our technical team

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