ULTROCARB Concentrated Ultrasonic Cleaning Powder for Carburettors and Engine and Machine Parts

Manufactured by UltroPowder

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Product Capacity: From 200g to bulk orders

Product Description

UltroCarb is a revolutionary new soluble cleaning powder specially formulated for cleaning carburettors, engine and machine parts.  The fast-acting cleaning concentrate works with the cavitation process to strip away grease, petrol residue, carbon, cutting oils and general dirt and is safe to use on sensitive metals such as brass, aluminium and copper.

  • Removes carbon oil and grease from items such as cylinder heads, turbos, valves and pistons
  • Ideal for cleaning carburettors, float chambers and jets
  • Perfect when servicing parts such as turbos and EGR valves
  • Can be used to clean component parts before re-manufacturing or as part of routine maintenance
  • Can be used to remove cutting oils and greases on manufactured parts
  • Suitable for professional and amateur use
  • The mixed solution will last multiple cleans depending on soiling levels
  • More economical than fluid equivalents
  • Safer and easier to store and transport than fluid equivalents
  • With built-in water softeners, ULTROCARB can be diluted with water straight from the tap

The dilution ratio of just 20g per litre of water makes UltroCarb more economical than other ultrasonic detergents.  The drastic reduction in packaging waste compared to fluids makes it more eco-friendly too.  This new, non-corrosive powder form is much easier and safer to transport and store, and the built in water softeners mean you don’t need to spend extra on deionised or demineralised water. 

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