Variable Speed Drive (VSD) rotary screw air compressor

Manufactured by Avelair Compressed Air Solutions

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Minimum Order Quantity: 1

Additional Sales Information: Please specify the air flow requirement and pressure so we can size the compressor correctly eg 120 cfm at 8 bar. If you are unsure how much air you require, our specialist team are on hand to assist.

Product Description

The Avelair VSD compressor provides an effective energy saving solution, and in qualified applications it saves up to 30% of energy costs.  The compressor is run by an inverter that has been specifically designed for high performing compressor applications.  This inverter senses the compressed air system pressure and causes the compressor to speed up and slow down in response to demand for compressed air.  The result is any energy lost through off load running can be significantly reduced and the inverter ensures that the compressor accurately maintains system pressure.  The ultra efficient Avelair VSD compressors provide a market leading energy saving solution and is designed and manufactured in the UK.

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Avelair Compressed Air Solutions

Engineering / Machinery

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