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ASA Network Limited T/A Pedaldeck UK

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ASA Network Limited T/A Pedaldeck UK

Established 2014 Pedaldeck quickly established itself in the UK musical accessories market. We arrived in the hope to shake up some common misconceptions about big brands, cheap imports and British engineering. Great Britain has created some great products in the last 50 years of musical instrument development. Great guitar makers, awesome amplification and a whole load of effects and pedals that have graced the world’s biggest stages and smallest back bedrooms to produce great British musicians by the score

But there was one accessory, essential to the development of guitar amplification and the pedals that shape our sounds that was painfully overlooked by the normally innovative British designers -The Pedal Board! The manufacture of Guitar Pedal Boards was left to the home DIY enthusiasts or abandoned to overseas USA brands, using cheap Chinese manufacturing methods and materials to satisfy our basic demands for a board for our effects

Steve Willock founded his company ASA in 1988 and over 33 years has helped many businesses create new products, using innovative production design and clear product marketing strategies to help create brand and product success. He also happened to be a keen guitarist. Having worked closely with the music retail market and involved in the production of many video reviews of guitars and effects pedals, Steve saw room for improvement in pedal board design. But also, a real opportunity to combine design improvements, user benefits and smart manufacturing techniques to repatriate the pedal board and manufacture a volume product at a competitive price right here in Britain.

Pedaldeck is a prime example of how products can be improved, costs can be reduced without relying on cheap exploitative labour rates and be quality manufactured in the countries where they are sold without compromising value. Making our boards and travel bags in the UK also reduces significantly our carbon footprint, ensuring our boards are made with minimum environmental impact caused by unnecessary international freight shipping and its contributing emissions.

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