Pedaldeck Solo Guitar Effects Pedal Board

Manufactured by ASA Network Limited T/A Pedaldeck UK

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Pedaldeck Solo (Board Package only)

The Solo Series

The Solo is our smallest single board, and the perfect choice for musicians using an integral power supply with a small amount of pedals, as it is currently the only model pedalboard of this small format size that will accommodate a power supply fitted with our standard bracket to the underside of the board.

If you love the small format size but still on certain gigs need more pedal options simply bolt a second Pedaldeck Solo side-by-side as our Solo board shares the same extendable functions that are built in to our larger boards

Surface area

Net Weight 1.5kg

The Solo Series

The Solo was included in our range to meet the needs of the solo acoustic or electric player that may need to enhance their
performance with the essentials, maybe a tuner, a chorus, a loop pedal, or a reverb unit for vocals. Only you can decide what is the best mix of effects for your needs. No one likes to see a half empty pedal board, so our small but perfectly formed Solo series lets you build out our baby of the group just exactly as you need it.

Once again if your pedal collection grows or maybe you want to split your guitar and vocal effects over two spaces, but don’t want to go to a larger single board, simply bolt on a second Solo Series Pedal Deck when its needed.


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ASA Network Limited T/A Pedaldeck UK

Creative Industries / Music

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