Pedaldeck Artist Board and Accessories for Guitarists

Manufactured by ASA Network Limited T/A Pedaldeck UK

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Minimum Order Quantity: 1

Additional Sales Information: The Artist Series. One thing we do know is that guitar effects are addictive. Guitarists search for their own perfect signature sound and often build up quite a collection of effects, before settling on their personal perfect cocktail of sound.

Product Description

The Artist is our largest single board, and provides greater flexibility for power management and advanced features for expansion. The included patented-design universal fitting bracket allows the installation of a wide range of third party independent PSU (Power Supply Units)

In addition, the Artist in common with the Player and Solo Pedaldeck’s have a wider top rung and narrower gaps between rungs, creating better platforms for all sizes of pedals from micro sized to larger formats.

  • Surface area 604mm x 318mm
  • Net Weight 2kg
  • Board Package includes 1 x Artist Pedalboard, four slip grip rubber feet with fixing bolts, 2m adhesive hook and loop velcro and universal power supply bracket set.

Manufacturer Profile

ASA Network Limited T/A Pedaldeck UK

Creative Industries / Music

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