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Challis MS Ltd

Challis Maritime Securities is the UK's Largest Manufacturer
& Distributor of Anti Microbial Showers, Shower filters and
water safety products for the healthcare industry. With over
80,000 showers per annum distributed to NHS hospital trusts across the UK Challis MS is the UK market leader and the NHS first choice manufacturer when safety, quality, reliability and value for money is a priority. Challis MS, in partnership for over 20 years, with FM Mattsson and Mora Armatur (Scandinavia's Leading Manufacturers of showers & Taps) can also supply a full range of healthcare designed showers taps and fittings making, Challis MS the UK's premiere supplier for all healthcare water control products.

Over the years Challis have partnered with many High Street retailers and the UK Government departments in carbon, water and energy reduction initiatives, the most notable of which was the UK Governments CERT (Carbon Emission Reduction Target scheme) in which we saved the UK Government over 4 million tonnes of CO2 and was regarded as the most successful carbon reduction scheme ever completed in the UK Click Here To Read More. On the back of the success of the UK Government CERT Scheme we successfully implemented a similar scheme for the Irish Government Click Here to Read More.

Challis MS Ltd unique selling point is our ability to Innovate new products and solutions for clients providing them with a market advantage, cost reduction or efficiency.

As a small family run company we have none of the administrative or operating restrictions normally associated with larger companies which makes Challis MS very adaptive and quick to react to clients changing requirements enabling us to provide a bespoke, prompt and high quality service to all our clients. Tele: 01628 529024
Areas of Operation Healthcare

Having supplied NHS Trusts and independent healthcare providers across the UK with groundbreaking Water Management Systems, specialised taps, showers and a full range of accessories, we at Challis have an unrivalled appreciation and understanding of the high standards of safety and functionality that our clients demand and expect. Click Here To Read More


Combining safety, reliability and sustainability. With over 20 years experience in supplying all the top leisure groups across the country we at Challis know how important design, functionality and reliability is in ensuring member retention in the demanding leisure market. Click Here To Read More


Combining Design, Form, Function & Reliability with a Long Working Life
In any hotel application, it is essential to combine beautiful design with robust and uncompromising function. At Challis, we have refined this task. Resulting in cutting-edge design cleverly combined with innovative technology and robust reliable long working life. Whether your hotel needs a designer Anti Microbial drench shower head or a wireless Internet-based reporting and control water management system Challis have the products and services available on the shelf for quick and easy dispatch straight to you. Click Here To Read More

University Accommodation

Combining Robust Reliability with Great Design
Products in student accommodation applications require a unique combination of robust reliability and attractive design with built in safety. Combine these key features with the requirement for a long trouble free working life and value for money then Challis is your only choice. Click Here To Read More
   Tele: 01628 529024
Military Accommodation

Form Function & Reliability are the key requirements of any military accommodation products. That is not to say that good design and aesthetics should be ignored. We at Challis just include this free.

With many years experience of supplying military estates all over the UK & Europe Challis is the one stop shop for some of the UK's Largest FM companies & Government Departments. Click Here To Read More

Social Housing

With over 20 years experience of supplying product to the social housing market we at Challis are acutely aware of the necessity for a combination of safety, reliability, good design and a low whole life cost. Click Here To Read More


Unique Combination of Design Form & Function
Early adopters and innovators by their very nature seek out cutting edge design and technical innovation. Here at Challis we have assembled a collection of the world most beautiful and technologically advanced showers and tap, exceeding the expectations of even our most discerning and demanding customers.Click Here To Read More

Pressurised Water Systems

Boosting Flow & Pressure
Whether you have a commercial or residential application, ensuring that you have adequate flow and pressure to all outlets is a key requirement. Many new builds or refurbishments do not have adequate mains supply capacity which as a limiting factor can be a costly and difficult problem to resolve. The Challis Booster system can solve this problem quickly efficiently and more importantly cost effective. The Challisbooster system provides a building own dedicated water storage reservoir and pumping station, completely independent from the incoming mains supply and its associated limitations. Click Here To Read More Tele: 01628 529024
AntiMicrobial Products

Challis Ag+ Antimicrobial /Virus Protection Film Protecting Customers and Staff From Covid-19 24/7
High traffic touch areas such as door push pads, computer touch screens and shopping trolley handles present a high risk of contact to contact microbial contamination and transmission. Protecting your customers and staff with the Challis Ag+ Anti Microbial/Virus film, applied quickly and easily, to these high-risk areas will provide the 24/7 Anti- Microbial/Virus protection that your staff and customers need and expect.

Tested & Approved against Covid-19 under DESIN-5510 for Corona Virus Type 229 E Crown (ATCC VR-740 Click Here To Read More

Innovative Product Development

From our development of the Water Widget which saved millions of tonnes of carbon to our most recent Sentinel Valve which prevent Pseudomonas back contamination in hospital taps we have always looked for simple solutions to difficult problems.

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