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co-cre8 was founded with a vision that our much-needed transition to a more circular economy can only be achieved through systemic thinking. 

From our many years of experience in designing and implementing recycling programmes, including the Simply Cups scheme, #Tub2Pub and The Cup Collective, we know that the success of any circular system is directly linked to the point of contact with the consumer. 

co-cre8 has 3 business divisions, all of which promote a circular economy and innovative thinking.

1) System Design - we collaborate with brands to redesign circular systems for their 'hard to recycle' products

2) Waste and Recycling Stations - we create visually impactful recycling stations made from UK sourced, recycled materials

3) Circular Products - we created the Honest brand to design and provide products for reuse and recycling, made from recycled materials. The Honest Bottle is the ONLY reusable bottle that has been designed and made locally (UK) from UK sourced, post-consumer recycled single-use bottles!

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