The Honest Bottle premieres at Autumn Fair 2022

The Honest Bottle premieres at Autumn Fair 2022

The world’s first reusable bottle, designed and made locally from UK sourced recycled single-use bottles, makes its public debut at the UK’s leading home, gift and fashion show

The Honest Bottle will premiere to the retail trade at Autumn Fair (4-7 SEPTEMBER 2022, NEC BIRMINGHAM). Sleek, stylish and available in eight vibrant colours, the bottle can also all be fully customised with branding.

Autumn Fair is where the retail industry gathers to discover the next best-seller and a key theme of this year’s show is how suppliers and retailers can increase circularity and reduce consumption. 

Meeting these goals, the Honest Bottle is the first reusable bottle that has been designed and manufactured in the UK from locally-sourced, recycled single-use bottles. To deliver a completely circular story, the Honest Bottle has also been designed so that it can be recycled in household collections once it reaches its end of life, and can be made back into new bottles, again and again.

The team behind the brand are materials experts and have been a catalyst in driving increased recycling, circularity and reuse for more than a decade. 

“Driving down sales of bottled water must be the number one goal to limit the amount of single-use plastics in circulation”, says Peter Goodwin, co-founder of Honest. “To achieve this, we need a dramatic behavioural change that switches consumers over to reusables; ALL of which need to be at the very least easily recyclable”.

It is estimated that 2.5 billion units of bottled water1 are sold through UK supermarkets each year, equating to more than 34,000 tonnes of single-use plastic. Worse still, as much as 30 per cent of this is imported from overseas, increasing further the negative impact of transport emissions. 

The lightweight reusable bottle is easy to carry and BPA free with an ergonomic, instantly recognisable cutting-edge design and is available in eight vibrant colours. The product was designed in London, with colours named after iconic areas of the capital including; Soho Yellow, Brixton Blue, Camden Pink, Notting Hill Violet, Shoreditch Orange, Hyde Park Green, Kensington Blue and Westminster Grey. The Honest Bottle is priced at £14 and available to buy directly at

Honest are also looking to work with retail partners and co-branding opportunities are also available for retailers and brands, in which the lid, strap and packaging can be fully customised. 

Seeding the market with sustainable products is seen by Honest as just one step in creating a step-change in consumer behaviour. 

“Consumers will be more willing to switch to reusables only if they can easily refill them”, says Peter Goodwin. “Unfortunately, public water fountains are sparse in the extreme and people feel uncomfortable asking for their reusable be filled at a restaurant or café even when they have made a purchase", explained Peter.

“To combat this, we have also launched the Honest Project, which is our initiative to increase accessibility to publicly available drinking water in every country we operate. In achieving this goal, we aim not only to tackle the root cause of our dependency on single-use water bottles, but to also address the human behaviour that results in land and ocean bound litter”, says Peter.

To support these objectives, Honest will dedicate time and resource to install publicly available water refill points, using proceeds from the Honest Bottle sales. It will also campaign for the widespread installation of publicly available water fountains, highlight the quality and cleanliness of publicly available water and reduce barriers to requesting free water in managed premises.

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