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Empire Decorative Glass

Empire Decorative Glass are leaders in the design and manufacture of custom decorated glass products.

Our diverse range of custom products span decadent wall plaques, fanlight door numbers and vision panels, primarily for the domestic end user and high end developers, through to magnetic wall boards, structrual double glazed units, wall finishes and statement pieces incorporating branding and signage for luxury hotel chains, fashion houses and office complexes.

Our products start life cut from a wide range of sheet glasses with an emphasis on exotic tinted and clear cast glasses all available in a range of thicknesses and sizes to suit the application.   

Our product are cut, processed and decorated in-house using a combination of the latest machinery for processing combined with hand finishes for delicate processing the decorative processes. Our end-to-end service benefits from in-house product design, detailed technical advice and AutoCad drawings for customer approval prior to manufacture. 

Our designs and products combine a vast range of fixing methods and hardware choices in terms of shape, size and finish with wall plaques being a good example. Most items are suitable for customisation such as powder coating achiving just the finish. 

Custom pieces regularly require the design and  manufacturing of delicate metalwork of custom bracketry and framework to allow their ideas to come to life. As you`d expect, our custom metalwork can be supplied a wide range of finishes such as powder coat, polished, anodised and electro plating.

Our processes include:

CNC |  Waterjet  |  Polishing  | Drilling  | Sandblast | Spray | Sealed Unit Manufacture | Laminating | UV Bonding       Switchable Film | Film Application | Fire Rated Glass Products

Our products are limited by imagination only and available to customers across the world.




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