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Let’s face it … the latest tech is always a hit at Christmas!

For Christmas 2022, one of the newest tech innovations on the market will make a perfect gift for sport lovers, especially for anyone who plays sports where head injuries are a risk such as rugby, football, hockey or netball.

The Halos® is a sleek black sports headband but it is also the first piece of sports kit which protects the brain during head impacts such as when the player’s head hits the ground, another head, a post, a shoulder, a knee or the ball. 

Launched by Rezon, Halos® is the only legally approved brain protection in the UK and Europe.  It has a CE mark, the internationally recognised safety standard, and a 5* Virginia Tech Helmet Rating from the US.  It is proven to reduce by more than 60% the rotational forces to the brain, the forces that create concussions and sub-concussions, and damage brain tissue.  

Judith McMinn, founder of Rezon and the person behind Halos®, says: “Why, in sports, do we always protect our shins and our teeth but not our brain?  I’ve heard sports players talk about hitting their head and feeling their brain move inside their skull. That is what happens when there are rotational forces to the head, caused by angled impacts that rotate the brain inside the skull.  These impacts happen both during matches and in training, and they can happen to players of any age, and at any level.  The brain is not designed for angled impacts, so there is inevitably damage as the brain rotates by up to +/- 5mm inside the skull.  

“You can now protect your brain.  Parents who worry every time their children put on their boots, can ensure they’re appropriately protected.  By wearing a Halos during training and matches, you can protect the brain and prevent the damage that builds over time, often without the player having any idea that they have suffered.”

The unique patented technology incorporated within Rezon Halos® allows for movement and opposing movement of the 9 protective layers, which absorb up to 30mm of impact to the head.  

The latest medical research into brain injury in players of contact sports has shown that the risk is caused by rotational rather than linear forces to the brain.  Rotational forces to the brain cause shearing of brain cells, blood flow changes and neural inflammation.  Linear forces compress and stretch the brain, causing less damage. Brain injury is caused at a microscopic level, and results in no recognisable symptoms, therefore it is not immediately detected.  

Judith concluded: “Rezon Halos® gives players the opportunity to continue playing the sports they are passionate about, while protecting their performance, both on the pitch and in life.  After all, we’re all used to protecting our shins and teeth.  Now, this Christmas, it’s time to make brain protection part of the player’s kit and a perfect gift.” 

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Rezon Halos is the first and only legally approved sports protective wearable of its type in the UK and Europe, having secured Category II PPE certification.  It is legally approved to use the CE mark.  Based on UK independent laboratory testing at Sheffield Hallam University, the Rezon Halos lowers the peak linear acceleration of the head by an average of 41% on each extreme head to ground impact, and peak rotational acceleration of the head by an average of 27% on each extreme head to ground impact.  Halos achieved a five-star rating in the Virginia Tech Helmet Rating. Virginia Tech provide ratings that allow consumers to make informed decisions when purchasing helmets and protective headgear on products that lower head acceleration and reduce concussion risk. The ratings and test results are based on more than ten years of research on head impacts in sports and are independent of any influence from manufacturers.

For more information on Rezon and Halos visit the website and find Rezon on Facebook and on Instagram .

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