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Sonic Medical Systems Ltd

Sonic Medical Systems are specialists in non-invasive facial enhancement treatments. We manufacture the revolutionary A-Lift®, Diamond Elite® and Zeolight® treatment technologies for visibly enhanced and refined skin. Our flagship products are available in thousands of salons worldwide. We also manufacture private label bespoke health technology for medical professionals. Our technology attracts a worldwide fan-base of celebrities, beauty professionals and consumers. A decade old and proudly manufacturing in the UK, we hand build our products to the highest standards using the best quality components. We rigorously test for quality and safety, as reflected in our internationally recognised CE certification and FDA approval.


We provide reliable services for the aesthetical and medical industries, which we achieve by advancing trends, developing industry leading and ground-breaking technologies and products, and most importantly, listening to our customers. Our philosophy is that quality is more important than quantity. We have no desire to mass produce our products because once you go down that route you lose control. That is one of our core beliefs; slow and steady wins the race.


Changing perceptions


Some cosmetic treatments have a poor reputation and that is something we are working hard to correct. The media is full of horror stories about things going wrong as a result of aesthetic treatments. When examining these cases, this is usually due to poor training and production of an inferior product. That is why we focus on four pillars of excellence in our manufacturing philosophy – applying accreditation, appropriate training, environmentally responsible production and developing world-class technology.




One route to alleviating concerns and giving customers reassurance is accreditation. It is mandatory to be an accredited nurse to carry out Botox treatments and we feel accreditation is important across the beauty industry. As a consumer you need to know that you are being subjected to treatments that meet acceptable standards of quality.


Accreditation is essential for consumer safety. The aesthetics market has been flooded with lesser quality items from the Far East that has caused concern about safety. We are registered and accredited with every relevant authority – the FDA and The Royal Society of Medicine for our treatments, CE certification for EU safety and health requirements, and ISO and IEEE for our design and manufacturing processes. Also, it’s important to us that everyone in our company is highly skilled with at least a graduate degree in relevant fields, mainly electronics and design.




Every product that we sell comes with a comprehensive training course which is fully accredited by ITECH, BABTEC and others. Everybody who buys a product of ours here in the UK must be trained before they are allowed to operate the product. Internationally, we ensure our distributors are fully trained to deal with local skills development and ongoing queries.


Environmental responsibility


When it comes to our design, manufacturing and even the products themselves we try and maintain the highest environmental credentials. Everything we use here is RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances in electrical and electronic equipment) compliant. All our plastics are mercury free and the plastics that we used on our products is recyclable.  Our solder is lead free, our PCBs are lead free, even with packaging we recycle as much as we can. When it comes to looking after the environment it is important that everyone does their part. We are as green as we can be.


World-class technology


We have three core product offerings all of which achieve results for consumers entirely naturally:


  1. The A-Lift®. This is a revolution in age-reversal Micro-Nano-current Imagine having all the benefits of having a facelift, but with no surgery, no needles, no Botox, no fillers, no chemicals and absolutely no pain. That is the kind of VIP treatment the A-Lift delivers, and you can start to see the signs of aging reversal in just 45 minutes. It is incredibly powerful, yet unbelievably gentle; perfect for a range of treatments, from improving the appearance of wrinkles and improving muscle tone, as a subtle lift giving a confidence boost before a ‘red carpet’ event, or as a comprehensive programme of cell regeneration and healing when recovering from facial surgery or even paralysis. The A-Lift® is available as far afield as in Africa, Japan, China and across most of Europe, as well as being available in the Virgin Atlantic first-class clubhouse spas.


  1. The Diamond Elite® microdermabrasion system offers a unique programme of treatments that measure and adapt to your unique skin type and condition. Genuine diamond wands deliver an exceptional exfoliating facial that that stimulates the regeneration of new skin cells leaving you with a bright, polished, youthful glow. Benefits include reduction in the appearance of fine lines as well as increasing the production of collagen and elastin in the skin combating premature ageing and leaving you with a long term textural improvement. It does this by inducing micro-trauma which leads to rapid cellular-level results.
  2. The Zeolight® system uses the combined energy technology of Nd:Yag with bi-polar radio frequency (RF) and intense pulsed light (IPL). This multi-purpose laser removes hair and tattoos and also offers a range of skin rejuvenation therapies. Its broad spectrum increases selectivity and allows for deeper dermal penetration. Less optical energy is required, when combined with bi-polar RF. The benefit to this is in improving the safety factor even for the most sensitive of skin types. With the combination of RF with IPL you will be able to manage hair reduction with better results and it will be less painful than the prevailing technology.


Our future plans


Although we have forged a strong and growing reputation within the aesthetic treatment sector (and we continue to develop further exciting products), we plan to widen our scope into the medical sector where we are seeing some excellent results.


At the moment, we are working with medical professionals from Oxford University on innovative products that will launch in 2018. The technology we are working on will help in the assessment of diabetes, look at calcification inside arteries and we are even developing a system that will help drug addicts to recover from addiction. We are excited by the ability to develop innovations that can help diagnose and treat illness.


We believe our story proves that a British SME led by a highly qualified, talented and committed team can make an important global contribution to health, wellbeing and aesthetic technological innovation.

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