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Water Fuel Engineering Ltd

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Water Fuel Engineering Ltd

Water Fuel Engineering is a research and development company specialising in autonomous alkaline electrolysers for the efficient generation of Oxy-hydrogen gas. Our technology splits distilled water into its components, Hydrogen (H) and Oxygen (O), releasing the combined gaseous mixture called Oxy-Hydrogen (HHO).

Established on 28th March 2013 in London, Water Fuel Engineering initially focused on methods of reducing exhaust emissions of contemporary vehicles. Oxy-hydrogen, also known as Hydroxy or Brown’s gas in combustion research, can be used as an additive to conventional vehicles to improve the combustion process of internal combustion engines. So far, our focus has been in the automotive sector to reduce vehicle emissions and fuel consumption.

In 2019, Water Fuel Engineering began focusing on the health benefits of Oxy-hydrogen, also known as Molecular Hydrogen in medical research. The current global health crisis focused our attention to this implementation of our technology. Medical research has confirmed the positive health impact of oxy-hydrogen inhalation in the treatment of Covid-19, along with a range of other significant health conditions and diseases, due to the strong anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties of HHO.

The result of eight years of research and development is a series of products for the automotive and industrial sector, along with individual health & well-being.

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