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HydroVitality is a nebuliser produced by Water Fuel Engineering that generates an oxy-hydrogen gas mix (66% hydrogen: 33% oxygen) through electrolysis of distilled water. 

The device produces up to 1860 litres of oxy-hydrogen from every litre of distilled water. HydroVitality is the size of a small suitcase, weighs 10kg, has a low power consumption and typically needs to be refilled after every 60 operational hours.

Oxy-hydrogen is inhaled through a nasal cannula and can reduce scars and wrinkles and improve your general well-being. 

Medical research over the last two decades has demonstrated that hydrogen is beneficial to our health: 

✔️Anti-oxidant – Oxy-hydrogen can reduce oxidative stress, a causal factor of chronic inflammation which is a link to diabetes, COPD and breathing difficulties, arthritis, cancers, heart disease and neurological disorders.

✔️Anti-Inflammation - Oxy-hydrogen can also be used for anti-inflammation, a causal link to Arthritis, Psoriasis, Crohn’s disease and various skin conditions.

✔️COVID-19 Relief - The World Health Organisation has confirmed that Oxy-hydrogen therapies can alleviate the symptoms of Coronavirus.

✔️Treating Accidents and Wounds - Oxy-hydrogen helps the wound healing process, promotes the regeneration process and leads to pain relief.

✔️Alzheimer’s & other brain diseases – oxy-hydrogen improves the overall condition of Alzheimer’s patients by reducing symptoms.

✔️Kidney Diseases - Oxy-hydrogen can alleviate oxidative stress and act against inflammation to improve kidney function, having a potential protective effect against kidney injury.

✔️Heart & Cardiovascular diseases- Oxy-hydrogen can improve overall heart function, recover cardiac function, improve the function of damaged cells and lower blood pressure.

✔️Cancer Diseases – Oxy-hydrogen can inhibit tumour growth and reduce side-effects from treatments.

✔️Lung & Respiratory Diseases – oxy-hydrogen can sooth breathing problems and support the structural maintenance of chromosomes.

Oxy-hydrogen’s anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties can improve quality of life in a lot of ways.

Oxy-hydrogen therapies support the bodies’ natural antioxidant system and reduces reactive oxygen species, meaning that breathing will become easier, fatigue will reduce, and muscles can recover faster from exercise.

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