10 reasons why a waterjet cutting machine is superior.

We believe that the waterjet cutting machine is the best cutting option on the market. There are hundreds of reasons why this machine is perfect for creating bespoke, beautiful items…but we’ve listed a few here for you:

1. It’s versatile. The waterjet can work with a huge range of materials, without needing specific tools to switch from one to the next. This means that costs can be reduced as there is no need to re-set machinery for each job. Some materials that can be machined are metal, ceramic, plastic, composites, stone, glass and wood.

2. No heat affected zone. Other processes such as laser cutting and wire EDM cutting use high-heat cutting methods, which leaves a zone next to the cut where the material has undergone a change to the original properties. This can result in weakening or warping of the material. Waterjet cutting uses cold cutting techniques, generating the minimum amount of heat, meaning this problem should not occur.
3. Our machine offers a tolerance as low as ±0.1mm. This makes it ideal for intricate cuts. 

4. Minimal waste. The kerf for a waterjet can be as little as 0.72mm depending on the nesting set up, meaning that there is very little waste. This means that the material can be fully used – which also saves on costs.

5. Environmentally friendly. The waterjet uses water and a fine abrasive garnet. These products both occur naturally and are both fully recyclable. No hazardous dust, fumes or by-products are created during the cutting process.

6. The machine can craft complex shapes, bevelled edges, sharp corners and intricate patterns without needing to change the set-up.

7. Time-efficient. Using a waterjet machine means there is often no need for further machining process. This is thanks to the high-quality edge finish the machine produces.

8. This machine allows the operator to program remotely. The cutting head itself is remote controlled too, meaning less risk to the user. There are also no high temperatures or hazardous materials to be dealt with.

9. Heat-sensitivity. As well as cutting heavier-duty materials and maintaining their integrity, the waterjet’s cold cutting means it can be used on heat-sensitive materials like foam, rubber and plastic. These materials would undoubtedly be damaged by heated cutting.

10. Minimal clamping. The material is not subjected to the same mechanical forces during the cutting process. This means that there is less potential for damage to the item.

To find out more about the Instinct Hardware waterjet, please visit our dedicated waterjet page. We are able to offer subcontracting opportunities on our waterjet, please contact us for any further information. If you would like to know more about the Flow Waterjet range, please visit their website.

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