First steps towards factory digitalisation at Instinct.

Instinct Hardware have implemented a new manufacturing execution system (MES) to track operations in real time.  This forms part of the move towards full digitalisation of the factory.

The system allows each individual job coming through the factory to be scheduled and tracked at each stage of production. This allows for ever-more accurate lead times and updates for customers.  

Each project is assigned a unique code, which follows the product routes around the factory. The management and sales team can see where the items are in real time. Alongside this, the system captures timing for each item - meaning future lead times will be incredibly accurate, even for bespoke pieces. It will also allow for more insightful analysis of efficiency, quality and maintenance. 

The digitalisation of Instinct’s operations comes as part of the KTP Project being undertaken. The overall 3-year project, with Aston University, will see the factory further marrying technology with traditional hand building.

 Nil Chohan, Operations Director, is heading up the project for Instinct, and says “This system gives us a holistic view of what is happening with each individual order. We can quickly see what machine and personnel resources are available and fill any gaps, meaning increased efficiency in movement of work through the factory. This leads to improved visibility and reduced lead times and means we are able to make decisions based on the data we have captured.

As we move through the KTP Project I have no doubt we’ll find even more accurate ways to predict and deliver lead times. We’re really excited to be taking the business to the next stage of manufacturing and beyond.”  

Waleed Shaikh, Digital Production Manager and KTP Associate for Instinct/Aston University, adds “The implementation of this system was critical to Instinct’s digital transformation journey. It’s not only about using cutting-edge technology but also involving staff and managers to make change within the company itself. 

“We are ambitious in designing and developing digital KPI dashboards, digital twins, process automation, 3D models and simulations. We’re completing virtual reality-based digital work instructions for the company, aiming to improve productivity and enhance sustainability. For Instinct Hardware, Industry 5.0 is no longer just a dream.”

The Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) project is part of the Help to Grow scheme, a government initiative to help UK businesses elevate to the next level through the implementation of digital technology.  

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