64% of shoppers would happily spend more on a product that’s Made in Britain

64% of shoppers would happily spend more on a product that’s Made in Britain

  • Nine in ten British people are planning to significantly cut their outgoings over the next year
  • But 64% of people would still happily spend more money on British-made products
  • A further 32% of people would consider spending more if a product was made in Britain 
  • A product’s place of origin is more important to shoppers than brand, ability to recycle or its carbon footprint 

Now is not the time to be thinking about spending money, with consumer confidence hitting a record low during the summer of ‘22. The outlook is very uncertain with regards to household bills and a looming recession, but despite this gloomy landscape, the majority of Britons would still be happy to spend more money on a British-made product.

In a survey of 118 individuals*, Exercise.co.uk found that 64.4% would be happy to spend more money on an item that is Made in Britain, while 32.2% would consider spending more. Only four respondents would not spend more money on a British-made product.

The survey also found that, unsurprisingly, price is the most important factor in purchase decisions, closely followed by the quality and longevity of the product. The third most important factor is the source of the product, which is more important to shoppers than brand, the ease of recycling, or an item’s carbon footprint. This once again highlights the importance of manufacturing to a high standard on home soil, along with the power of extended warranties to instil more confidence and trust.

Following the events of the last three years, including a pandemic, political unrest and economic uncertainty, Exercise.co.uk is one of the many business that’s turning its attention to British manufacturing. With four in 10 shoppers being more concerned about sustainability than before the pandemic, locally-sourced products are more important than ever.

Exercise.co.uk, which is part of Pure-Tec Limited, has chosen to focus on British-made gym equipment - specifically, weight plates. These are designed in Yorkshire and manufactured in the West Midlands, with steel from British manufacturers, as well as 97% recycled materials. The packaging is also made in the UK, which caused an initial delay in the initial product launch, because it was so difficult to source packaging during the height of the pandemic.

David Gilson, MD of Pure-Tec Limited, explained: “Importing from China would have been a quick fix, but we wanted to do the right thing. By designing, manufacturing and delivering a product that is 100% British-made, we were able to support our economy at a time of great uncertainty.”

“Over the last few months, we’ve certainly taken a hit in terms of sales,” adds Amy Kilvington, Project Manager at Exercise.co.uk. “However, it is heartening to see that shoppers see the benefit of British-made products and are willing to invest in them. There are challenging times ahead, but by offering items that are made in Britain and made to last, we can do our bit for the economy, and for our customers, too.”

Exercise.co.uk is a home gym equipment website and part of Pure-Tec Limited. Their distribution center and operations are based in Britannia Road, Goole.

*Survey conducted on Google Forms throughout August 2022.



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