Non-standard British burner application delivers great results for New Zealand customer

IT'S always great to see a non-standard application with an impressive end-result, writes Made in Britain member Limpsfield Combustion.

Limpsfield Combustion makes a range of boiler burners but sometimes its product range is used successfully in other heating applications.

Limpsfield's New Zealand agent, ComMec, had a customer who had a problem with their old burner fitted to a product dryer. It had a wide flame that heated the dryer front section and it was consistently causing incorrect heat distribution, which in turn caused more fuel to be used.

The company has now fitted a Limpsfield burner from the package range (LP2/1465) complete with a precise modulating system via an external input from the infrared sensor, which monitors the product temperature. Limpsfield told Made in Britain, "We are pleased to say the dryer is now heated correctly, meaning less fuel usage. Get in touch if you are looking to reduce emissions to improve the environment we live in and save money."


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