Advanced Handling Design, Manufacture & Install Goods Lift in Record Time for the NHS at UK Biocentre’s Covid-19 Sample Test Facility

The UK Biocentre, based in Milton Keynes, specialises in world-leading sample management and high capacity bioprocessing. Their mission is to be the centre of excellence for UK sample management and a key part of the UK science infrastructure.

Advanced Handling specialises in designing and manufacturing standard and bespoke lifting, handling and manoeuvring solutions for a wide range of industries and applications in and around the UK.

Improve Health, Safety & Efficiency with a Mezzanine Lift

Due to these unprecedented times, the NHS requested the centre was required to refocus their operations to analysing swab samples supporting the national effort against the coronavirus pandemic with immediate effect. This presented the UK Biocentre with the challenge of having to repurpose their existing laboratories to make them suitable not only to carry out the required tests but also to cope with the demanding capacity. This all needed to be established within an exceedingly tight time scale. 

During the planning stage, the UK Biocentre recognised the need for a mezzanine floor for fridges and additional lab equipment and as part of this, they needed a lift to transport the equipment and samples from the ground floor, onto the new mezzanine floor sat approximately 4m above. 

They contacted Advanced Handling Ltd after researching Goods Lift suppliers online. Advanced Handling responded quickly and visited site to see first-hand the application and to take measurements. Throughout, both companies adhered to social distancing guidelines and took all precautionary measures to ensure staff safety was the main priority. As the mezzanine floor itself was also new, Advanced Handling had to work collaboratively with the project team to ensure the lift was the right specification and was ready to install as soon as the floor was finished.

Bespoke Design Goods & Mezzanine Lifts to Meet Your Needs

Advanced Handling appreciated the significance of the project and planned internal resources accordingly to ensure the lift could be installed and operating safely as quickly as possible. The first step was to design the lift to meet all the UK Biocentre’s requirements, including a bespoke ramp at ground floor with a handrail to prevent any trip hazards. Advanced Handling designed the lift with noise-dampening features to ensure sound was kept to a minimum during operation as the facility is open planned.

The lift had control points positioned at all levels featuring latching (one-touch) buttons and emergency stop. This combined with interlocking gates, preventing access to the shaft during operation and numerous other safety features provided UK Biocentre with peace of mind that their lift was both easy and safe for their operators to use.

Mike prince, Managing Director at Advanced Handling Ltd commented:

“Given the speed that was required for this project we had to divert resources from other areas of the business but I’m pleased to say we delivered within the very tight time schedule presented to us. It is fantastic to know that an Advanced Handling product is able to play a very small but nonetheless vital role in the ongoing race to find a vaccine against this terrible disease.”

Advanced Handling worked closely with the UK Biocentre to ensure that the lift was designed to meet all their needs and manufactured and installed to their exceedingly challenging deadline.

The centre now has the infrastructure in place to carry out their research and developments more efficiently and cope with the increase in throughput.

Are you facing a similar challenge? 

If you‘re facing a similar manual handling challenge in your workplace, contact Advanced Handling at or to discuss your individual application.


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