AI.R-1 FaceMask Pro Launch: New UK-made, Effective & Reusable Face Mask

In response to the COVID-19 crisis and the need for more effective and sustainable face masks - Additive Instruments and Wycombe Engineering are delighted to announce the launch of the new AI.R-1 FaceMask Pro.

Developed and tested with medical professionals at several NHS hospitals, the new FaceMask Pro is a significantly more effective and sustainable alternative to regular, disposable face masks:

1.       Effective. Developed with feedback with from doctors and medical professionals at Imperial college NHS Trust in order to optimise both comfort & effectiveness as a barrier for COVID-19. CE certified to FFP2 level.  This provides increased protection against airborne particles vs surgical masks.

2.       Reusable.  The mask and strap can be cleaned with a simple antibacterial cleanser and then reused together with new, replaceable filters. This delivers both an eco-friendly and cost-effective solution.

3.       Made in Britain. The product is manufactured in the UK which helps minimise the carbon footprint, as well as shortening lead-time and providing local, responsive customer service.

4.       Comfortable. Made of lightweight, flexible materials and with a strap adjustable different head-sizes – the product delivers optimal comfort and positive experience for users. 

5.       Translucent. The clearer mask enables better interpersonal communication between users.  

The product was designed in the UK by Additive Instruments and is made in the UK by leading precision-engineering company, Wycombe Engineering.  It is now available for all sectors of the economy, offering significant advantages vs other PPE.

The products can also be adapted to include the branding of larger customers. 

Jim Wetherell, Managing Director of Wycombe Engineering says: “Face masks are vital in order to help reduce the spread of COVID-19. However, they vary widely in terms of efficacy. Working with Additive Instruments and medical professionals, we’re delighted to now offer a comfortable solution to FFP2 level protection. The AI.R-1 FaceMask Pro is effective whilst also using a more sustainable, reusable approach.”

Dr. Ruben Doyle, Director & Co-Founder of Additive Instruments says “The AI.R1 FaceMask Pro is unique in providing industrial levels of protection against airborne particles whilst remaining user friendly. We believe our translucent design is the first of its kind.”

About Wycombe Engineering

Made in Britain member, Wycombe Engineering is a team of leading design engineers based in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire. The team are experts in creating value and solutions across multiple sectors and applications. 

The team’s knowledge and experience across multiple technologies allows them to design and develop the optimal and bespoke solutions.  They develop a deep understanding and partnership with clients. Each partnership is unique and often leads to innovative approaches to IP and capital cost.


About Additive Instruments

Additive Instruments is a medical technology spinout from Imperial College London. Specialising in technologies where medicine and additive manufacture meet, AI develop a range of ‘smart’ tools, pushing the envelope of orthopaedic surgery.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, AI have turned their expertise to developing a high-protection face mask as a long-term solution for the changing world.



Further Information

For press/PR, please contact Brian Walmsley on 07899 781779 or . For information related to orders contact Jim Wetherell 07860 765759 or 01494 473519  

Find out more about Wycombe Engineering Solutions Ltd on their member profile page here

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