Architectural Panel Solutions joins Made in Britain

Manufacturing Petrarch engineered stone cladding panels and Downer original Helping Hand framing for the construction industry: Architectural Panel Solutions joins Made in Britain.

Architectural Panel Solutions has been supplying the construction industry with premium quality cladding solutions for many years. With a heritage spanning almost 50 years, the Company says its vision is to be the best on a worldwide scale; manufacturing and supplying premium engineered stone rainscreen and framing solutions. To do this, Architectural Panel Solutions dedicates time to building close relationships with like-minded partners: people that will help promote Architectural Panel Solutions products and see them showcased on landmark projects throughout the world. 

Architectural Panel Solutions distributes and exports to the US and throughout Europe and is very proud of the projects on which their Petrarch engineered stone cladding has been showcased and the numerous awards these buildings have won, particularly on a sustainability level: BREEAM excellence, Passivhaus technology and LEED excellence. 

Pete Brough, Joint Managing Director, said “Joining Made in Britain allows our customers to have confidence in our products. Petrarch and Downer are manufactured here in the UK and we need to celebrate the fact. Particularly with Brexit, we need to champion British made products and manufacturers and invest more in locally made produce. We feel that this is an extremely positive step for the company and look forward to partnering with like-minded associates.”

Architectural Panel Solutions will use the Made in Britain mark on all of their marketing material including email campaigns, social media  and brochures. Find out more about the company at its members’ directory profile here and its website here.

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