Automatic filtration for cooling whiskey stills

White Peak distillery uses Self-Cleaning Russell Eco Filter® to boost production

Based on the banks of the River Derwent in Derbyshire, White Peak distillery is a craft producer of single malt whiskey and other hand-crafted spirits. The group distills its whiskey using copper pot stills where the liquid is heated so that for alcohol vapors can reach the condenser. The distillery then uses a condenser to turn these vapors back into liquid, meaning the condenser needs to be kept constantly cool.

To keep the condenser cool, the distillery uses the river water, pumping it through a large outdoor tank. Previously, the group had to use a filter bag to catch leaves, twigs and other debris from the river, which required constant manual changing. To automate and streamline their river filtration, the group replaced their filter bag system with the Self-Cleaning Russell Eco Filter®, fitted with a 50-micron screen. 

The new filter’s stainless-steel screen is continuously cleaned using a SpiroKlene™ wiper, preventing stoppages for cleaning. This has resulted in impressive time-saving results and high flow rates of clean water for the group’s stills. To maximize your production rates, contact Russell Finex today.

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