Awen Collective joins Made in Britain

Producing software which helps industrial organisations to reduce the risk of cyber attacks hitting their operations: Awen Collective joins Made in Britain. 

Awen Collective was founded in 2017, but was based on years of academic and commercial experience within applying cyber security and cyber crime investigation techniques to a whole variety of digital devices - IT systems, embedded systems, IoT and industrial devices such as SCADA systems, PLCs, HMIs, ICS/IACS. Awen Collective was founded in Wales, is headquartered in Caerphilly in South Wales and develops its software entirely within the UK. The Company has just opened operations in The Hague in the Netherlands, and is actively exploring opportunities within both the EU and across the Asia Pacific region.

Awen Collective works both directly and indirectly with industrial clients. Directly, they provide software and essential support services to reduce cyber risk. Indirectly, they have a network of service providers who wrap their services around the Company’s software products, which is useful for the more complex environments and more advanced cyber security offerings.

Daniel Lewis, CEO & Cofounder, said “Awen Collective is dedicated to providing quality and trustworthiness locally to the Welsh and British markets, but not only has a local but a global agenda to make society safer by helping our critical infrastructure and manufacturing organisations to increase their resiliency and decrease their risk of a cyber attack. Joining Made in Britain, and proudly displaying the mark, let's fellow organisations within the manufacturing sectors across the world know that we can be trusted to provide quality software products and support."

Awen Collective will use the Made in Britain mark on their website and social media accounts. Find out more about the company at its members’ directory profile here and its website here.

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