BBC2 search for factory manager or MD with manufacturing experience

BBC2 is looking for a factory manager, operations manager or managing director with years of manufacturing experience to appear as an on-screen expert in a new series. A researcher for the series said:  "We are looking for someone confident, highly experienced and a hard task-master. The person we are looking for might still be very hands-on in a factory or they might now be at managerial level or even retired.

Britain’s Hardest Worker (working title) is a new series for the BBC which sets out to explore the British workforce and it’s work ethic, discovering what makes a hard worker in modern Britain today. To do this, we are aiming to recruit 25 workers from across the country who all believe they could be Britain’s Hardest Worker. Our exciting new format will be putting them to the test in a series of challenges and tasks in each episode, it could be anything ranging from factory and warehouse shifts to agricultural, retail and semi-skilled work. At the end of each episode those who have produced the least will be eliminated and by the end of the process, just one worker will remain.  This programme is commissioned by the current affairs department at the BBC and will look at themes around factory work and manufacturing.

We need a factory manager with the right credentials to oversee our workers’ progress through their daily challenges and help decide their fate in the competition. We are also looking for factory locations for the workers to do work experience in for one day during the two week filming period.

The filming period will be approximately two weeks in late June or early July. If you would like to be considered for the role of on-screen factory manager and /or would like us to consider your factory as a location and want to find out more please email or telephone 0203 301 8428."

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