Benefits of Cloud Technology for SMEs

Cloud technology reduces costs for SME’s whilst optimising resource, improving remote data access, and strengthening data security.

Cloud technology has allowed SME’s to become more efficient and compete with larger business with stronger decision making based on more accessible data often with cloud based SaaS.

Remote Access
Cloud technology allows managers and employees access to functionality and data from anywhere from almost any device with a data connection. Xapsys provides CRM, workflow planning and dashboards using live data at minimum cost to help businesses concentrate on growth and sales whilst having the flexibility to work and employ remotely.

The flexibility provided by Cloud Technology makes it easier for SME’s to add functionality to improve their operations. Each business is individual with unique ways of managing their processes, and cloud based systems can be easily backed up and updated. Xapsys CRM and planning software can adapt to your business with tailored functionality that makes your life easier and promotes growth and efficiency.

Data Security
Cloud solutions are provided by remote secure servers with robust data security and backed up data storage managed by the experts and kept up to date. Cloud technology is the best defence against potential data theft and hacking and also provides a backup against a worst case scenario to ensure SME’s can keep serving their customers. Xapsys uses Microsoft Azure servers to offer secure cloud based software.

Low Cost
Regardless of what a service or product has to offer, one of the largest factors in decision making is often cost. Cloud technology provides SMEs access to cloud systems with affordable subscription-based models and zero-capital expenditure. Installation and maintenance costs are much lower than that of traditional hardware-based software. Xapsys offers affordable systems on a cost per user basis. We also handle all of the data transfer for you and minimise the need for expensive plugins and finance package resulting in many of our customers making a saving when switching to Xapsys from other products.

Cloud technology is becoming more and more prevalent with not only large businesses and SMEs but also with small businesses taking advantage of the benefits on offer. Xapsys are pleased to have a wide variety of customers across a variety of sectors from small businesses with just a few employees to larger businesses.

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