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Raise Healthcare is a UK based specialist medical device distributor. We asked Archana Nair for a brief Testimonial on how Xapsys have helped their Sales team.

What problem did Xapsys help to solve?

Sales team is always target driven, so it was important for our sales team to get a live update on the sales number they have achieved at any given time. Our existing method wasn’t very helpful as it was highly dependent on office staff to manually forward the sales order to respective Business Managers. But Xapsys has made our sales team life easier, and they don’t rely on the office staff to send the orders anymore. Like with any software we did have some teething issues but Phil and the whole Xapsys team have been very co-operative and the speed at which they respond is commendable. Business managers can login any time on Xapsys system and get the up-to-date sales.

What exactly did you like most about Xapsys that led you to choose it?

I was looking at 2 more software for our sales team. Most of them had same features as Xapsys and had big names backing them. The reason I chose Xapsys was simple. When I spoke to Phil, I could see the hunger and the dedication both. They are a small company like us, who were happy to put lots efforts to make sure the end user is happy, and I knew they could give us more attention than a big company would. The pricing structure was modified to suite our needs and that was a plus point. The biggest reason was the turn around time promised by Phil to setup the whole system. Xapsys team really worked on a tight deadline to make sure we were ready on time.

What are the most important benefits you’ve experienced because of choosing Xapsys?

Sales update on a live basis (30mins delay) is the most important achievement. We are exploring other areas like sales pipeline as well but frankly speaking haven’t explored the reports section yet which we will in near future.

Any additional comments or feedback?

It has been great working with Phil and his team. We had our challenges and we do have some now as well but the commitment from Xapsys is amazing. They make sure that each point we mention is taken seriously and solution is provided immediately. Some features have been added on our request which was great as not all the companies would do that.

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