Buy Well, Buy Once - Introducing Charley Chau’s Luxury Anti-Microbial Memory Foam Dog Bed Mattress, Designed to Last A Dog’s Lifetime & Costing As Little As Two Pence Per Day

Our canine companions spend around 12-14 hours sleeping each day – that’s more than half of their lives, so choosing a comfortable bed for their dog is one of the most important purchases a dog owner will make for the wellbeing of their pet. The new Anti-Microbial Memory Foam Dog Bed Mattress from award-winning, British luxury dog bedding designers Charley Chau, is a ‘buy well, buy once’ luxury dog bed that delivers a lifetime of comfort and support for dogs of all shapes and sizes, from puppyhood through to the golden oldie years.

Charley Chau have specialised in designing luxe dog beds for over 12 years and their collection is testament to the fact that not all dog beds are made equal - this latest addition is no exception. In four sizes (S to XL), priced from £120, the cost of the luxe Anti-Microbial Memory Foam Mattress works out to be as little as just two pence per day over the lifespan of the average dog* – a small price to pay for peace of mind that a four-legged friend dog is sleeping as comfortably as caninely possible. Starting from the inside out, here’s just some of the ways the new Anti-Microbial Memory Foam Dog Bed Mattress is best in class…

Key to comfort in any dog bed is the mattress. Many ‘memory foam’ dog beds are filled with memory foam crumb (shredded waste foam) that don’t deliver consistent support and continue to degrade over time. Charley Chau’s memory foam mattress is engineered with a single memory foam layer bonded to a layer of support foam to the brand’s exact specifications by one of the UK’s leading suppliers of memory foam for human beds. The Vasco 40 Memory Foam is soft but supportive and moulds to a dog’s body to provide orthopaedic levels of support while minimising the risk of pressure points. Plus, the foam is resilient and will perform throughout a dog’s lifetime. The support foam also protects a dog from hard floors if they drop down onto the bed suddenly.

The bed is also as hygienic as possible! As standard, memory foam dog beds are notoriously difficult to keep hygienically clean, as memory foam is not machine washable, but Charley Chau has solved that problem for dog owners too. Charley Chau’s Memory Foam Mattress is supplied with an anti-microbial mattress protector made with a fabric most commonly used to protect hospital beds. The protector is waterproof, breathable, machine-washable and treated with an anti-microbial coating to stop dust mites, bacteria, mould, and other nasties from settling in the mattress. 

As for the outer, the Anti-Microbial Memory Foam Mattress is styled in Faroe, a beautiful upholstery fabric, in five gorgeous colourways. Gorgeous to touch, with the look and feel of an upholstery wool, Faroe is a robust, technical fabric with a built-in stain guard treatment that makes it a dream to spot clean in between washes. When it’s time for a trip to the washing machine, the removable covers have a zip fastening running around three sides of the bed, so the covers flip open like a book cover, for easy "on & off"!  

The Anti-Microbial Memory Foam Mattress is also very versatile - the perfect foundation to build a super luxe dog bed. Available to order as a mattress on its own as or as the base in Charley Chau’s luxe Bliss Bolster Bed with its cocoon-like bolster nest of ethically sourced duck feathers, there’s the option to add Mini Bolster Pads too, so dogs have something extra to nestle into or rest on. Spare Cover options also allow for an instant makeover, as well as being practical for wash days.

Charley Chau Co-Founder and Made in Britain member Christine Chau says: “The quality we deliver means that Charley Chau’s are certainly not the cheapest dog beds available, but we firmly believe our beds are a great long-term investment for conscious consumers - we consider every single tiny detail of a bed’s comfort, performance, and style credentials. In a market full of poor-quality dog beds that end up in landfill, our Anti-Microbial Memory Foam Mattress is a ‘buy well, buy once’ purchase for a lifetime of comfort and support for your dog, that will look beautiful in your home.”

Charley Chau has been at the forefront of luxury dog bedding design worldwide for more than a decade, with happy customers in over sixty countries around the world. Proud supporters of British manufacturing, the company offers an extensive collection of dog beds and blankets in a beautiful selection of fabrics and styles to suit even the most discerning of hounds and their human owners. At the heart of Charley Chau’s collection is supreme canine comfort, gorgeous styling and exceptional quality. Charley Chau bedding is designed to be as practical as it is gorgeous with machine washable everything, removable covers, waterproof liners, and replacement spares. 

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* Daily cost of a Charley Chau Anti-Microbial Memory Foam Dog Bed Mattress based on size small at £120 based on an average lifespan of 14 years (source PDSA)

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