CACI Professional line has a facelift

Hot on the heels of CACI’s landmark 30th anniversary in 2022, and the introduction of the new innovative Micro-Touch facial at the start of this year, the British brand unveils its new look professional product line, featuring 10 products used in CACI treatments.  

Marketing Manager Niki Bassil explains: ‘We decided to rebrand our retail and professional product line to create a distinctive visual look that will make CACI stand out in a professional and retail environment. This sleek modern new product design uses opaque peach rectangles along with rose gold metallic font to highlight a key word that identifies the action of each product at an instant glance. The overlapping of elements on the packaging creates a sense of movement, while the bold typography is modern, eye-catching, and decorative. Some of the product names have also changed to reflect the key benefits of each product.’ 

‘CACI continues to evolve to future proof the brand, reach the next generation of skin specialists and remain relevant in a competitive market,’ says Managing Director Dean Nathanson. 

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