COCO Lighting Limited is granted membership to Made in Britain

ESSEX-based COCO Lighting Limited has been known for its specialism in converting new and existing luminaires to meet emergency lighting requirements since its formation in the year 2000. In the past twenty years the business has developed its’ expert knowledge and has invested significantly in the design and development of several new lighting based technologies and innovations. COCO Lighting Limited has now been granted membership to the Made in Britain organisation. 

COCO Lighting told Made in Britain that alongside its emergency lighting conversions, it offers a wide range of services, including lighting product design, re-engineering, product assembly, luminaires and product testing. The company says that lighting is its passion and it ensures that its highly experienced team is up to date with the latest technology in order to provide its clients with customised and bespoke lighting solutions along with excellent customer service and support. 

COCO Lighting has now joined the market with its Bio-Luminaire™ range which was designed, manufactured and tested by its team of industry specialists. This range uses BioCote® antimicrobial technology to protect the entire luminaire's surface and make the product more hygienic and minimises the potential for cross-contamination. COCO Lighting says that light fixtures are often overlooked due to inaccessible high ceilings and walls but can still harbour hidden and harmful bacteria. The Bio-Luminaire™ range is protected against bacterial growth around the clock and provides a reliable and maintenance-free light source.

Adrian Gayler, marketing manager at Coco Lighting, told Made in Britain, “It was not so long ago that it was more cost-effective to outsource various elements of our manufacturing process to companies overseas. But with technological advances in recent years and the changes, Brexit is having upon us, now more than ever, manufacturing in the UK is a highly viable option. With a focus on "Made in Britain", products with high-quality standards will be the key to helping us elevate our British products above the competition.”

Coco Lighting will be using the official Made in Britain mark on all its product labelling, specification sheets, installation instructions and on its social media channels and website. Find out more about the company at its members' directory profile page here and its website here





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