Cubik Innovation invests in a third production line

On Thursday 10th February, Cubik Innovation's Managing Director, Paul Mullen, visited Southern Manufacturing and Electronics 2022 where he placed a £65,000 order for a Fritsch PA520 pick and place machine with Blundell Production Equipment.

Shaking hands with Blundell’s Area Sales Manager, Keith Gummer, Paul handed over the purchase order for an investment in Cubik’s future.

The Fritsch PA520 is a modular pick & place system that supports a large range of components including chips, fine pitch components and Ball Grid Array’s (BGA’s), and can handle the most complex tasks. It can place up to 4,000 components per hour and will increase Cubik’s PCB output by approximately 50%. Intelligent software and up to 200 kitting slots means changeover times will be minimised, increasing productivity for small batch manufacture.

The new pick and place will add a third production line to Cubik’s manufacturing capability and will join its brother machine, the Fritsch PA510, in their manufacturing line up.

Speaking about the investment, Paul said:

“The Fritsch PA520 places components onto the PCB with great accuracy and speed over manual or older technologies. The acquisition of the new machine will enable us to give our customers a better price point, without compromising on quality.

We’ve bought with Blundell before but after two years of restrictions, it was good to get back out on the trade show circuit, hand over a PO and shake hands on a deal”.

Held at the Farnborough International Exhibition Centre, the Southern Manufacturing Show is becoming one of the most popular engineering shows in the UK calendar, bringing together organisations from across the engineering sector.

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