Design your own engineering components with CAD from Power Jacks

POWER Jacks, the Aberdeen-based engineering company serving the oil and gas and other heavyweight industry sectors, is now offering online computer-aided design to help engineers specify components.

Power Jacks manufactures precision lifting, positioning and actuation equipment, which is often a component part of a much larger machine or system, such as a steel processing machine, retractable stadium roof, paper machine or an aircraft platform lift. The manufacture of these machines requires engineers to design multi-part assemblies which can be large and complex.

Many of these components are based on existing items that need to be tailored to specific applications. The basic item usually exists as ‘catalogue data’ and needs to be re-drawn to the new specification. Re-drawing catalogue data is not a worthwhile use of an engineer’s time so the ability to download the desired CAD model of the required component is the attractive option and in doing so enters the engineer into the online buying process.

At Power Jacks rather than just making a library of CAD models available on a website, they offer engineers an interactive online CAD library so the engineer can configure the product they need in 3D and then download the model in a native CAD format. It’s an efficient and memorable experience that the engineer wants to repeat for the next project.

Bruce Hamper, marketing director at Power Jacks, said, “Having CAD available on a website is a necessity today, however having the right products that are configurable, easy to access, fast and accessible on any device is the expectation of our customers. It's our way of empowering customers who want to benefit from Power Jacks' capabilities and expertise, and want to do so swiftly and efficiently."

The Power Jacks Portal – accessed via the company's website at – offers a single point of access to engineering resources, which includes two key services:

  • a CAD configurator, enabling users with a sound technical knowledge of their requirements to select a product type and then tailor it to their specific needs. From there, a CAD model can be downloaded in 3D or 2D in over 100 native formats and a dynamic data sheet generated.
  • a product selector, allowing customers unfamiliar with a product or with less technical knowledge to enter their application parameters and let a built-in engineering intelligence system recommend the optimum product solution. The system then generates a CAD model and datasheet along with a summary of calculated values.

 “The wealth of information the website provides is extensive and provides a valuable companion and engineering tool to the standard product catalogues,” added Bruce Hamper. “Over the last 12 months we’ve seen a 230% increase in CAD downloads and a 30% increase in sales leads from the website.” 

To find out more about Power Jacks and get a link to its website and CAD tools, go to the Made in Britain member directory page here

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