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OnSide Youth Zones is a charity which has a portfolio of Youth Zones across the UK, they are designed to support young people by providing them with a safe and inspiring environment where they can enjoy their leisure time.

East Manchester’s HideOut Youth Zone is the most recent addition to the portfolio. A state-of-the-art new build designed specifically to meet the needs of local young people, providing them with a wealth of sport and creative activities 7 days a week. 


East Manchester Youth Zone is committed to providing the highest quality of support to young people and are keen to invest in the best facilities, including LED lighting. Steon’s lighting designers were tasked with creating a scheme for the whole facility. The requirements of these areas were diverse with varied activities taking place within them; including a climbing wall, performing arts studio, fitness suites, recording studios and other communal and reception areas. The Youth Zone wanted to achieve an attractive and welcoming environment for young people whilst also benefitting from long lasting and durable LED luminaires.


After receiving the drawings from Hurstwood Environmental Consulting, our lighting engineers identified specific requirements for each area completed extensive calculations to select the most appropriate luminaires. Luminaires selected were predominantly from within our technical brand, ‘Steon’; these champion efficiency and performance.

For the sports hall and climbing wall areas Steon supplied a selection of standard and emergency surface mounted Gladiator luminaires. These robust LED luminaires feature robust IK rated enclosures designed to resist extreme physical impact and therefore are well suited to these sports areas.

The Niko LED was supplied in both standard and integral emergency versions for the performing arts studios, fitness suites and lobby areas. Emergency versions of the Niko were also installed throughout the stairwell of the development. 

Steon Lighting’s modular Eco Panel 600 x 600mm LED was selected for the recording studios, arts, crafts and fashion areas, office areas, reception, and kitchen areas. Similarly, both standard and integral emergency versions were utilised. 

All bathroom areas were fitted with a range of standard and emergency Hydrus Midi LED downlighters.

The IP66 rated non-corrosive Challenger LED were specified for all ancilliary store areas and plant rooms throughout the Youth Zone. These also benefitted from MIC1 controls which prevent unnecessarily illumination by only illuminating the luminaire when presence is detected, this aids in conserving energy.

In interest of enhancing the aesthetics of the canteen Steon’s design team selected Aura pendants which feature within our contemporary brand, Luxace. The Globo pendants have also been suspended to create a decorative focal point which compliments the modern interior design whilst delivering impressive lumen outputs. 


Following the smooth completion of the project, the Youth Zone is now ready to open its doors to young people and provide a bright and welcoming environment.

The new lighting installation is consistent with CIBSE guidelines and deliver a safe and pleasant space for the charity to deliver their many valued services to the community.  Additionally, the luminaires are virtually maintenance free with an LED life expectancy exceeding 50,000 hours, resultantly the HideOut Youth Zone have a long-term and highly efficient lighting solution that will require minimal maintenance.


"We are pleased to have worked with Steon Lighting on Hideout Youth Zone as well as a number of our other previous projects to date.  The Steon product is reliable, visually pleasing and at a competitive price point for our requirements and the lighting scheme designed provides a great environment to work and play in for staff and our members . We look forward to working with the Steon team again on our future projects."

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