Essence of Hartland collaboration with Dartington Crystal

When Made in Britain members work together, we are delighted to hear about it, especially when that connection was made through the Made in Britain network. Dartington Crystal and Essence of Hartland are another example of members using the Made in Britain ecosystem to connect. Below, we hear from Essence of Hartland about their experience.

What was the business need that made you go to the Member Directory to find another manufacturer?

With the King's Coronation on the horizon, we wanted to create something one-off and unique to celebrate this special event. To collaborate with a brand that is Made in Britain, and ideally made in the same county of Devon was important to us, as well as someone who shared our green brand values. We already had in mind that we wanted to work with Dartington Crystal as they are in Devon, and they are also known world-wide for their high quality, handmade crystal glass. 

To us, working with them was the perfect collaboration, adding another unique product to our collection that is made only 20 miles from our workshop. With the help of Dartington Crystal we created a unique crystal glass diffuser vase, engraved with the words 'Charles III 6th May 2023', which is presented in a luxury red box, with a home fragrance designed and based on the historic coronation anointment oil.

Did you have an existing supplier or was it for a new supplier relationship?

This was a brand-new supplier relationship. It was an exciting opportunity for us and it honestly couldn’t have worked out any better.  In the future, we plan to continue this collaboration for a new range of candles.

What advantages have you found of working in collaboration with another member, or members?

The ability to test out ideas was great! Learning what each other and what our requirements are of one another. For example; we tested out 3 or 4 ideas before agreeing on the final product due to Dartington Crystal's understanding of external constraints set out by The Royal Household, in terms of usage of the official King Charles III cypher and Coronation Logo.

By working with another member of MiB, it allowed us to be very clear and open about our requirements, timescales and the overall vision. We were able to meet regularly too due to our geographical locations, which helped speed up decisions.

How has the collaboration benefited your, and your partner's businesses?

It has helped us elevate our brand, and introduce us to new customers who may not have heard of us. The biggest benefit has been the agreement of an ongoing collaboration as we look to expand our product range using their products, but has also opened up new ways of using Dartington Crystal products for home fragrances which may not be something that has been done before.

What advice would you give to other members seeking a collaboration from within Made in Britain membership?

When looking to other members for a collaboration we would advise providing a full and clear vision of what is to be achieved and work from that. Having a clear vision from the start enabled the process to run smoothly as well as opening up new and ongoing ways to collaborate.

  “We are delighted with our collaboration with Dartington Crystal to celebrate the coronation of King Charles III, who created a wonderful handblown crystal vase engraved with the words 'Charles III 6th May 2023' for our limited-edition home fragrance product.  We look forward to continually working with Dartington Crystal, who share our green brand values for future products.” 


We’re thrilled that members of Made in Britain can find each other and connect to help their businesses thrive. If you have collaborated with another Made in Britain member, we would love to feature your story. Please get in touch at 

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