Family working together

Just like the Royal Family, we know that there are a lot of members who are family run, or have family members working together, so this week, we would like to hear about your family businesses. 
- Are you a family-run business? Tell us what it's like working with your family, the advantages, and whether you think it's the secret to success. 
- Do you have multiple generations working at your business, if so, how far does it go back? 
Publish your stories and we will re-tell us your story through our email newsletters, social media and PR. 
If you have a story you would like to share with a Coronation connection, please log in to the Members’ Area of the Made in Britain website and upload your story, or send it to us direct at
If your story includes photos or digital files, please upload them to WeTransfer or your preferred online sharing service. 

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